Ashoka, The Visionary: Life, Legend and Legacy

Ashok the Visionary


Ungainly in appearance, disliked by his father, the king, but nurtured by his mother, Ashoka worked to elicit his elders’ approval. At the age of 18, his father sent him to quell a rebellion that his brother, the crown prince, had failed to do. His success propelled him to… Continue reading

Not Yet Past It (Nypie)

I was standing near the buffet table with a few fellow volunteers, eating my first helping of food laid out to celebrate Stanford Business School Alumni Consulting Team’s 30th anniversary, when a young man came up and introduced himself as Jonathan Levin. I recognized his name as the recently… Continue reading

On Running: Bay to Breakers 2015

I was bobbing and weaving between a throng of walkers bent forward, huffing and puffing up Hayes Hill, the most difficult half-mile section of the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco that starts near the bay and goes for 7.5 miles to the ocean. It’s a century old festive road-race… Continue reading

2012-13: Medical Services in Marin

I had the first surgery in my life, a laparoscopic hernia repair, done at Marin General Hospital on December 5, 2012.  Otherwise, I am a healthy, very active 73 year old man.  Although I have not fully healed, I believe the surgery was successful.  But seven weeks… Continue reading

2012: Meditation

“Start again.  Start again.  Start again with a calm mind, an alert mind, a vigilant mind, a balanced and eqanimous mind.  Be patient, be persistent and consistent.  You are bound to succeed, you are bound to succeed”.  I can’t tell you how many times I… Continue reading

2012: Aging Athlete


As I hit my second serve I heard a loud “fault” from the side of the court even though the serve was in the box.  It was the short, assertive roving umpire in the official blue jacket who had arrived unnoticed and called a foot fault.  “Its… Continue reading

2012: Zazzle Bay to Breakers


“Zazzle” it may be called, but the race was razzle-dazzle for most of the way and frazzle at the end for many.  In fact, the race, or more accurately race-run-jog-walk, depending on ability, was better organized than in past years.  The 40,000 participants were corralled in streams… Continue reading

2012: The Financial Crisis and Economics


Speculation and Market Efficiency

The primary purpose of capital markets is to bring together investors and businesses to serve their interests while promoting production, distribution and economic growth.  To me, an investor is someone, a person or institution, like Warren Buffet, who does a careful analysis of a… Continue reading

2011: Comment on Stiglitz’s “Freefall”


I have just finished reading Joe Stiglitz’s “Freefall”, which I recommend.  It provides a knowledgeable insight into the financial crisis, subsequent weak policy responses and outlines alternative policies.  I knew Joe a little while we were both at Stanford more than 30 years ago, but not as… Continue reading

2009: Obama Inauguration


“Y’all, we Americans again” the Jazz bandleader repeated after each set.  Five of us were celebrating Martin Luther King’s holiday and the forthcoming inauguration on the night of January 19 into the wee hours of Jan 20.  Washington DC was festive, with people talking casually, smiling, even… Continue reading

2007: A View From Marin County


I am 68 years old, of Indian origin and have lived in the United States since 1969.  I came for adventure and experience, but ended up attending graduate school, marrying an American and becoming a citizen.  I met my wife working at the World Bank.  Both… Continue reading
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